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Caricature of Simon Perchik



An Unforeseen Destiny: Pinochet, History, and Memory
Luck: A Grammar No One’s Parsed
Howard Frank Mosher’s Northern Borders
Jim Crace’s Signals of Distress
Who Owns Death?
Dissonant Raptures
I Happen to Like New York
Where I Am Is So Large
Carl Phillips’s In the Blood and Liam Rector’s American Prodigal
Translated by Carl Phillips and Liam Rector
American Joe
Found in the Dreamhouse
Real Right Things?
Better with Age
“As the Songwriter Wrote . . .”
The Biography of Displacement
Rose Alley
The Language of Sorrow
Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s The Fatigue Artist
Translated by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Cathleen Schine’s The Love Letter
Debra Spark’s Coconuts for the Saint
Translated by Debra Spark
Reawakening a Literary Giant: Michel Tournier
Montale’s Candor
In Lucrezia Borgia’s Chair
From New Grapes to a Complex Wine
Sue Standing’s Gravida
Translated by Sue Standing
Sophie Cabot Black’s The Misunderstanding of Nature
Translated by Sophie Cabot Black
Ted Berrigan’s Selected Poems
Joe Brainard’s Art
Robert Pinsky’s Inferno
Translated by Robert Pinsky
Son et Lumière
Stretch Your Weary Legs Out Under This Tree
Diana Der-Hovanessian’s Selected Poems
A Jack Keroac ROMnibus CD-ROM
Plumbing the Underworld
Cover My Body with Mud, Give Me Back My Eyes
A Terrible Beauty is Born
Carl Phillips’s Cortège and Alan Shapiro’s Mixed Company
Translated by Carl Phillips and Alan Shapiro
Tome for the “Bett’ring of the Time”
From Baghdad to Bohemia
Joseph Lease’s The Room
Translated by Jill McCorkle
The Century as Experiment: Reading Poems for the Millenium
“There Are Other Stories”: Pamela Painter’s The Long and Short of It
Translated by Pamela Painter
A Real Modest Proposal
Jane Kenyon’s Constance
The West and Genocide in Africa
Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End
A Wider Vision
The Clarity of Pain Without Despair; Stuart Dischell’s Good Hope Road
Translated by Stuart Dischell
Chang Rea-Lee’s Native Speaker
Democracy’s Disconnect
Seeing Dickinson Plain: Editorial Strategies and the Poet’s Intentions
Dzivinia Orlowsky’s A Handful of Bees
Jeredith Merrin’s Shift
Translated by Jeredith Merrin
The Authentic is a Line
Opportunity Knocks
Tom Sleigh’s The Chain
Translated by Tom Sleigh
Swords and Scalpels
Significant Others
Alan Shapiro’s In Praise of the Impure
Translated by Alan Shapiro
David Treuer’s Little
Domestic Shadows: Poems from Home
“Here I Am, Lord”
William Corbett’s New & Selected Poems
A World Reformed
Sam Hamill’s Destination Zero
Translated by Sam Hamill
David St. John’s Study for the World’s Body
Visiting This Life
Paul Goodman
Two Reviews
Bruce Smith’s Mercy Seat and Martin Edmunds’s The High Road to Taos
Translated by Bruce Smith and Martin Edmunds
Twisting into Grace
In Memoriam
The Humanist’s Muse
Brodsky Interviewed
The Linguistic Blizzard Beating Still
Lucie Brock-Broido’s The Master Letters
Translated by Lucie Brock-Broido
The Mind’s Way of Hanging On
Collective Lives
John Wieners: Through This Suspended Vacuum
Keep Hunger in Mind
Translated by Miguel Hernández
Austin Wright’s After Gregory: The Suspect Self
Two Seconds
Translated by Olena Kalytiak Davis


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