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Joaquín Aldeguer
Portrait of Joaquín Aldeguer

Joaquín Aldeguer López is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator who was born in Alicante in 1980. He has collaborated with Humoràlia, El Can, Artistic Point, and Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, and his cartooning and caricature have appeared in several fanzines and magazines, such as Lapsus, Ojodepez, ***, Donkee Studio, El Alguacil, La Mosca Pelotera, La Gangsterera, and MAN. He is a member of the Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations and counts among his influences Sebastian Krüger, Jan Op de Beeck, Miguel Mihura, Monty Python, Les Luthiers, and Enrique Ventura. (6/2007)

AGNI has published the following work:

Art Feature
Caricature of Simon Perchik
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