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Internships at AGNI

The staff of AGNI teaches literary editing and magazine publishing through a vibrant internship program.

Our editorial assistants help with proofreading, order fulfillment, database management, webmastering, and many other tasks central to the magazine’s operations.

In return, they gain:

  • Copyediting experience
  • Print and online publishing experience
  • Experience with WordPress and other platforms, and
  • A renewed sense of the relevance and wonder of literature.

We require only a love of reading and an eye (and ear) for detail.

Spring and fall

With very few exceptions, our spring and fall internships are limited to Boston University undergraduates and creative writing graduate students.

Summer (application deadline, March 1st)

We offer a limited number of volunteer internships that begin on June 1st and end around August 15th. Priority goes to undergraduates entering their junior or senior year. If you’re interested in applying, please mail your resume and a cover letter to AGNI, Boston University, 236 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215, or email it to agni@bu.edu.

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