The Journal

Current issue - AGNI 93

Art Feature

Pincushion Academy

Spasmic Lineation

Editor’s Note

The Fitful Tracing of a Portal


Mater Marginalia

Empty House

Llano, Texas

What We Might Salvage


By the Creeks of Wyoming

Like None Other


The Riverbend Motel

Elephant Seals


Calling the Horses Home

Camera Obscura

Codicil of Selected Excisions from the Memoir



Ramine’s Weather Machine

Das Gift


Ars Poetica

Owl and the Saber

The Lean of a Horse’s Body at Sunset


Melancholy’s Mirror

The Uncles

In the Eye of the Beholder

On the Morning of Your Surgery



Climate Change, No. 67

In the Beginning We Spoke Nothing

Elegy Told after the Flood

Bermuda Triangle

Turn from God and into an Exhibitionist

Sometimes I Dream a Suicide in the Shape of Lake Ontario

Portrait as a Vagrant Walking through Grief to Meet God

Lorca at Eden Lake

To a Friend Sick Again

“There are people who upon dying”

Little Bear

god, they keep telling me to bleed scriptures from my mouth to find you

White Teeth

Untitled (Black on Gray), 1969

In the Warring Three Kingdoms

Down Below

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