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Art Feature

Dark Cycles/Circles (essay)

Extending the range. With #91 we welcome a roster of new editors. Collectively chosen work explores impending crises as well as acts of mitigating goodness; elegies marking losses sit side by side with expressions flashing pure surprise. Cover and portfolio artist Christopher Cozier captures the sly globalized vectors of use and misuse, tracing a long history forward to now. Poems by Sandra McPherson, Steven Sanchez, Emily Mohn-Slate, Colin Channer, and others offer the sensory grab of the immediate, as do stories by Shauna Mackay, David Crouse, and Aurko Maitra and essays by Debra Nystrom, Jiaming Tang, and Ann Hood.

  EditorsSven Birkerts
   William Pierce
  Nonfiction Editors Jennifer Alise Drew
   Shuchi Saraswat
  Poetry EditorsJennifer Kwon Dobbs
   Ruben Quesada
  Fiction Editors Julia Brown
   Emma Copley Eisenberg 
   Mary O'Donoghue 
  Reviews EditorRachel Mennies
  Blog Editors Grace Singh Smith
   Courtney Sender
  Asst. Poetry Editors Alan Chazaro
   Jenny George 
   Esteban Rodriguez
   Jessica Q. Stark
  Asst. Fiction EditorsBen Black
   Amber Caron
   Ariel Courage
  Newsletter DirectorAlison Lanier
  Galley EditorsBeth Romano
   Christian Wessels
  Social (Facebook) Effie Sapuridis 
  Advisory BoardLeslie Epstein
   Robert Pinsky
   Rosanna Warren
   Ha Jin
  Editorial Assistants Lillian Li
   Anna Prawdzik Hull
   Val Otarod
   Aliyah Cotton
  Contributing EditorsSumita Chakraborty 
   John J. Clayton
   Stuart Dischell
   Sharon Dunn, ed. Emerita
   Anne Germanacos
   Marie Howe
   Alex Johnson
   Dana Levin
   Fred Marchant
   Fiona McCrae
   Gail Mazur
   Dzvinia Orlowsky
   E.C. Osondu
   Lia Purpura
   George Scialabba
   Tom Sleigh
   Sue Standing
   Oksana Zabuzhko
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