Two Dancers

from Natural History: The Elephant

Invocation to the Heart

No One Knows What Tomorrow Is Called

Beautiful Treasure

A Scrap of Fabric at Chatham

From the Beginning On

Jacopone: On the Cobbles

Jacopone: The Scissors

Leaving the Farm

I Have Shuttered My Eyes with My Hands

Letter over a Thousand Years Late

Nagasaki, 1600

The Change




Welcome to Paradise

The Point Beach



By Virgil

Translated by David Ferry

New Editor Sven Birkerts’s first issue. Includes work by Seamus Heaney, Maureen Howard, David Foster Wallace, Rosanna Warren, Rick Moody, Margot Livesey, Wesley McNair, Christopher Jane Corkery, Wolfgang Hilbig, David Wagoner, Maggie Dietz, Debora Greger, Nicholas Montemarano, Lise Haines, Lance Larsen, Harvey Blume, and many more. Pinhole photographs (including cover) by Jesseca Ferguson.

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