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George Scialabba
Portrait of George Scialabba

George Scialabba, a contributing editor of AGNI, is the author of six essay collections: Slouching toward Utopia (2018), Low Dishonest Decades: Essays and Reviews 2980–2015 (2016), For the Republic (2013), The Modern Predicament (2011), and What Are Intellectuals Good For?_ *(2009), all from Pressed Wafer, and The Divided Mind* _(2006) from Arrowsmith Press. James Wood chose The Modern Predicament for The New Yorker’s roundup of the best books of the year. Scialabba is also a past winner of the Nona Balakian Excellence in Reviewing award from the National Book Critics Circle. His work is archived at georgescialabba.net. (updated 10/2018)

Scialabba’s What Are Intellectuals Good For? was reviewed in AGNI Online by Mark Oppenheimer.

AGNI has published the following work:

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