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AGNI 31 and 32



Sons of Adam
Get Well Soon


The Star System: A Mediated Form of Censorship in the Creative Process of Filmmaking
Frozen in the Dead of Winter: A Report on Writing in China
Translated from the Mandarin by Xiang Feng
From the Surveillance of the Secret Police to the “Free Market”: Publishing in Poland Today
School for Scandal
Everybody Else’s Freedom
Paradoxes of Perestroika
Quoting History, Reading Poetry
Remarks on Market Censorship
Better Than Nature: Gregory Amenoff’s New Paintings
Knowing More Than One Imagines; Imagining More Than One Knows
Some Notes on Coming to Jakarta
Black Women’s Writing on Trial: Publication Politics
Introduction to “Social Control and the Arts: An International Perspective”
Censorship is Regulation
Social Control and the Arts in South Africa
Britain: Homosexuality and Local Democracy
Concluding Discussion: Highlights
Market Censorship: A Personal Account
The Suppression Agenda for Art
The Evolution of American Publishing: A Brief Summary
How I Came to Jakarta
Japan’s Censorious Censors and the Art of Eradicating Art
Poetry and Politics: The Case of Coming to Jakarta


Sonnet: News from the World, Tomkins Square Park & the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Psalm #1
East and West
The Mad Woman
Translated from the Ukrainian by Stash
The Name of God
Ruined Secret
Translated from the Ukrainian by Vera L. Kaczmarskyj
An Ancient Alphabet
At My Loom
Muscle and Prayer
Waiting for the Barbarians
Translated from the Greek by Theoharis C. Theoharis
In the Field
The Woman Who Held Waterfalls
The Deer Man
A Garvey Man
Four and Five
Goddess of Hunting
Hall of Souls
Carsick Children
Come Back Safely
Translated from the Armenian by Diana Der-Hovanessian
If I Don’t Love You
Translated from the Armenian by Diana Der-Hovanessian
A Nothing Generation
Tahafut al-Falasifah
Holland, May 1940
In Tiananmen Square
The Place of Beautiful Trees
As Long As
Hammond Pond
The Accordionist
Ode to the Chair
Telling the Story
An Enduring Serenity
Hospital Food
A Whitsun
My Turn
Translated from the Ukrainian by Vera L. Kaczmarskyj
Penelope’s First Thoughts during Solitude
What If
On the Cape
Shelters and Holes
Portland Hosts the Second Coming
A Story
from Listening to the Candle: A Poem on Impulse: II.v
How Night Falls
Four A.M. on Crusader
Wittgenstein’s Prayer
The Shore of Misgiving
Transatlantic Greetings

Art Feature

Four New Paintings


An Interview with Peter Dale Scott
Translated by Peter Dale Scott


Montague & Heaney
Virgilio Piñera
AGNI 31 and 32

In this issue, we invite you to investigate how international social control—explicit or implicit; government-sanctioned or cultural—affects the arts. Examine the printed proceedings of Harvard University’s 1990 Conference on Forms of Censorship. Acquaint yourself with Peter Dale Scott’s Coming to Jakarta through a reflective essay by the author, an interview, and three reviews (plus an excerpt from his book Listening to the Candle: A Poem on Impulse!). Delve into essays (such as Monroe Engel’s on Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral”), book reviews, and translations before returning to the original texts or approaching them for the first time. Explore the timely and the timeless with fiction and poetry from John Updike, Peter Balakian, Natalka Bilotserkivets’, Stash, Cordelia Candelaria, Wendy Ranan, Frances Minturn Howard, Jay Klokker, Jill Bialosky, and more.

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