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Mark Rudman
Portrait of Mark Rudman

Mark Rudman recently completed Sundays on the Phone, the fifth volume of his Rider Quintet. A selection from the five books, The Motel En Route to Life Out There, was released in 2008 by Salt Publishing. The Book of Samuel: Essays on Poetry and Imagination was published this year by Northwestern University Press. He is currently translating Aleksandr Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. (updated 3/2009)

Rudman’s The Nowhere Steps was reviewed in AGNI 35 by Linda Orr.

AGNI has published the following work:

How Bad Can It Get
AGNI 58 Print Only
Double Vision
AGNI 35 Print Only
Shelters and Holes
AGNI 31 and 32 Print Only
from Facts of Life: Life Raft, What Does She See, What’s So Funny, “The Unbelievable”
AGNI 28 Print Only
On Influence
AGNI 26 Print Only
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