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Martín Espada
Portrait of Martín Espada

Martín Espada has published numerous collections of poetry, including The Immigrant Iceboy’s Bolero (Waterfront Press), Trumpets from the Islands of Their Eviction (Bilingual Press), and _Rebellion Is the Circle of a Lover’s Hands _(Curbstone Press). His awards include a Massachusetts Artists Fellowship and the PEN/Revson Foundation Fellowship. He lives in Boston, where he works as a lawyer and teaches at Suffolk University Law School. (updated 1990)

AGNI has published the following work:

Nando Meets Papo
AGNI 28 Print Only
Two Mexicanos Lynched in Santa Cruz, California, May 3, 1877
AGNI 28 Print Only

AGNI has published the following translations:

from The Promised Land
by Clemente Soto Vélez
Translated from the Spanish by Martín Espada and Camilo Pérez-Bustillo
AGNI 29 and 30 Print Only
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