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AGNI 29 / 30

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note


Reflections of a Non-Political Man

Robert Penn Warren

On the Management of Absolute Empowerment: Nuclear Violence, the Institutions of Holiness, and the Structures of Poetry

Translator’s Introduction, from The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova

Reply to Birkerts

Echoes of Chernobyl in Soviet Ukrainian Literature

Inside the Cave

William Corbett


The Man Who Could See Radiance

Beatles’ Songbook: Why Don’t We Do It in the Road

By Volodymyr Dibrova

Translated by Volodymyr Dibrova

Carol Anne’s Dad

Katie Vanderwald

The Dancing-Master

Science and Sin or Love and Understanding



By Marjorie Agosín

Translated by Elizabeth Horan

By Anna Akhmatova

Translated by Judith Hemschemeyer

389 Betrayal

By Gottfried Benn

Translated by Teresa Iverson

You Remain

Poem in the Stanza of the “Rubaiyat”

Ars Poetica Ars Poetica

By Jorge Luis Borges

Translated by Jim Powell

A Visit

Spider Tumor

Ecanto Park, 1961

By Roque Dalton

Translated by Alan West

The Advertising Man

By Jose Elgarresta Ramiz de Haro

Translated by Sara Heikof Woehrlen

Against the Text ‘Art Is Immortal’

In the Garden

The Blue

The Pool

The Dance

The Pardon




Out There

Liberal Learning

Mary Snorak the Cook, Skermo the Gardener, and Jack the Parts Man Provide Dinner for a Wandering Stranger

Mrs. O’Leary’s Cat

After Love

The Last Corner

The Founding of English Metre


Family Plot, October


Glimpse of Main Event

“Surprised at my surprise that I could say”

“She wrote that yesterday had been very good”

“‘A picture that scares me has gone through my mind'”

“Everything was in the way. If it was just”

“Nothing was more delicious or remote: after”

“It wouldn’t be fair to us for her to lie.”

The Ringing

The Last Day

The Dead Body Itself

Seeing a Friend Off

By Li Po

Translated by Gu Zhen & Harry Thomas

The Wrong Son

Au Pair


By Ihor Rymaruk

Translated by Larissa M. L. Zaleska Onyshkevych

Sea-lion at Santa Cruz

Houw Hoek

Crossing the Rockies

Home Movie


Bryan, Ohio

Cousin Barbara


Everything Under the Sun

By Clemente Soto Vélez

Translated by Martín Espada & Camilo Pérez-Bustillo

from The Promised Land: #18

By Clemente Soto Vélez

Translated by Martín Espada & Camilo Pérez-Bustillo

Light Surprised

By Alan West

Translated by Alan West

November and December

The Minoan Distance




By Barbara Jordan

Translated by Clayton Eshleman


By Thomas Lux

Translated by Carl Dennis

AGNI 29/30 is full of bodies: living, dying, moving through time and space. If the issue itself were a body, the poetry supplement edited by Tom Sleigh (which comprises the central third of the material) would be the backbone. The cover art, William Kurelek’s “Nuclear Age Madonna,” sets the tone for an issue that solemnly—and sometimes not-so-solemnly—beholds the human body in all its fragility and holiness; and in Catherine Kurdish’s “The Dancing-Master,” the warped floor of a dance studio permanently alters students’ internal gravity. AGNI 29/30 also features fiction by Heidi Jon Schmidt and John J. Clayton; essays by George Scialabba, Judith Hemschemeyer, and Allen Grossman; and poetry by Jorge Luis Borges, Miguel Hernández, Lloyd Schwartz, Anna Akhmatova, Seamus Heaney, David Ferry, Heather Heather McHugh, Brenda Hillman, Sharon Olds, Frank Bidart, Alan Dugan, James McMichael, and Robert Pinsky.

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