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Think Piece
If You Like
Story of Fox
A Letter Arrives
Jefferson Blvd., 1993
Burn the Ground Where You Sleep
The Happy People


720 Times Hiroshima in My Land
Translated from the French by Jeffrey Zuckerman
Reflections at 50
Concision: A Sprawl
Self-Portrait as Dumbo the Elephant
Reflections at 50
Shavings of a Dream
Answer When You’re Called


Little Theories of a Fly Ball
One Small Thing
Queen Isabella Encounters a Moorish Song
Looking Around
Figure Seen from Behind III: Project West Ford
Translated from the German by Monika Cassel
Sierra Vista Court
Elegy for Jane
[For the picnic in the sculpture garden]
Parties at the House of Augustulus
Translated from the French by Alice Yang
The Monastery of the Pantocrator
Translated from the French by Alice Yang
Translated from the French by Alice Yang
from Palace Poem
Translated by Ian Haight and T’ae-yong Hŏ
the place of articulation
A Sticky Tale
Ars Poetica
The Fourth Wall
Warm, Warmer
from Crude
Local Politics
Any Emergency
The Hippodrome
Translated from the Russian by Grace Mahoney and Emily Holt
Love Poem
The Words of the Old and the Young
Translated from the French by Heather Green

Place and displacement. Essayists Eileen Myles and Jessie van Eerden give visions of terra firma, exploring the space between fixity and mutability, while Teju Cole’s flash stories sketch liminal scenarios that locate the ways mystery attends us. Fiction by Emmelie Prophète (in Aidan Rooney’s translation) and an essay by Sofia Oumhani Benbahmed use settings of conflict and crisis to support a vexing search for identity; poets Michael Torres, Preeti Kaur Rajpal, and Diane Seuss return to moments that promise yet challenge belonging. Then founding editor Askold Melnyczuk and coeditor Sven Birkerts look back on 50 years of AGNI—from conception to full maturity. For a unique and celebratory art feature, we invited inspirations from a roster of former portfolio artists. Their theme: agni, which is to say, fire. The principle of combustion. (Cover art: Anne Neely)

  EditorsSven Birkerts
   William Pierce
  Associate EditorShuchi Saraswat
  Senior Fiction EditorMary O'Donoghue 
  Senior Poetry EditorJennifer Kwon Dobbs
  Poetry EditorJessica Q. Stark
  Nonfiction Editors Kelle Groom
   Shuchi Saraswat
  Editors at LargeJulia Brown
   Jennifer Alise Drew
  Reviews EditorRachel Mennies
  Blog EditorGrace Singh Smith
  Asst. Fiction EditorsBen Black
   Amber Caron
   Ariel Courage
  Assoc. Poetry EditorEsteban Rodriguez
  Asst. Poetry Editors Dorsey Craft
   Jenny George 
  Newsletter DirectorAlison Lanier
  Newsletter IntroductionsJames Brookes
   Arielle Kaplan
  Social (Facebook) Effie Sapuridis 
  Blog AssistantCynthia Ayeza
  Social (Twitter) Esteban Rodriguez
   Arielle Kaplan
  Social (Instagram)Ariel Courage
  Editorial AssistantsTaylor Arnette
   Ella Schroeder
   Rachel M. Dillon
   Val Otarod
   Peter Fray-Witzer
   Iris Zheng
   Numertha Geisinger
  Founding EditorAskold Melnyczuk
  Advisory BoardLeslie Epstein
   Ha Jin
   Robert Pinsky
   Rosanna Warren
  Contributing EditorsSumita Chakraborty
   John J. Clayton
   Stuart Dischell
   Sharon Dunn, ed. emerita
   Anne Germanacos
   Marie Howe
   Alex Johnson
   Dana Levin
   Fred Marchant
   Fiona McCrae
   Gail Mazur
   Dzvinia Orlowsky
   E.C. Osondu
   Lia Purpura
   George Scialabba
   Tom Sleigh
   Sue Standing
   Oksana Zabuzhko
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