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Aidan Rooney
Portrait of Aidan Rooney

Aidan Rooney’s poetry collections include Go There (Madhat Press, 2020), Tightrope (The Gallery Press, 2007), and Day Release (The Gallery Press, 2000). His translations of poetry from Haitian Kreyòl and French can be read at Vox PopuliAGNI, and Tanbou, as well as in print in New American Writing #39. His honors include the Sunday Tribune / Hennessy Cognac Award for New Irish Poetry and the Daniel Varoujan Award from the New England Poetry Club. He grew up in Monaghan, Ireland, and has been a teacher and coach since 1988 at Thayer Academy in Massachusetts. (updated 10/2022)

AGNI has published the following translation:

Cécé’s Cell Phone
by Emmelie Prophète
Translated from the French by Aidan Rooney
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