Editor’s Note

The Ideal Reader


Please Do Us a Favor

Considering Language

Romancing the Dankerts

Force by Two

A Visit with Marc Chagall

By Yuri Trifonov

Translated by Maxim D. Shrayer



Encounters with the Kodambakkam Hyena

On Junius Bridge

Parts of Speech

By Magdalena Tulli

Translated by Bill Johnston

Honoring the spirit that survives. Valedictories for Susan Sontag and Czeslaw Milosz by Askold Melnyczuk, Sven Birkerts, and Seamus Heaney, along with fiercely idiosyncratic prose and poetry by C. K. Williams, K. E. Duffin, Magdalena Tulli, Peter LaSalle, Vivek Narayanan, Edith Pearlman, Kyle Thompson, and many others. Visual meditations on word-to-form by Deborah Davidson.

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