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“That’s Why I Love Her So & Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I Want the World to Know” or Why Jackie Wilson Died in Silence
The Second World
The Eternity Bird


How to Speak with the Dead? A Poet’s Notebook
Translated from the Spanish by Monica Bruno
from Philip Guston
The High Place of American Poetry: The Problem With Witness
from Borderlands: 27-39
A Catfish for Your Thoughts: Ukrainian Literature at the Turning Point
The Building with a Crown
Translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic
The Sealed Envelope


Gabriela’s Elqui
Nights Mutable as Water Revise Themselves Into the Shape of Our Extravagant Past
from Inferno: Canto XXXIV
Translated from the Italian by Robert Pinsky
Philips Street, Andover
His Apprentice
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Everybody Has a Heart, Except Some People
Spirit Papers
Blue Ridge Blue
From a Letter I Did Not Receive
The Fire
Guyton Place
It’s Top Forty in My Head
Sentence 2
The Lover
Dear Editor Kirby, Even in This Facility
Little Death
Rushing the Gates of Empirical Gardens
My Father Receives the First Visitation
The Upsidedown Waterfall
The Hanoi Market
Trueblood’s Blues
It’s Difficult
Melissa (from Byways)
At a Certain Point
Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
A Handful of Bees
fromRose Window (or Prosettes)
After the News
Apollo to the Athletes
The Story of Crucifixion
I Don’t Want a Son
Whisper of Agony
Translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock
The Alley
Translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock
Translated from the Polish by Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh
Week in Valdivia
Translated from the Spanish by Carolyne Wright
Mrs. Biswas Breaks Her Connection With Another Relative
Norwegian Spruce


An Interview With Leslie Epstein


The Thinnest, Whitest Blonde of All
Articulate Survival as Generosity in Four Books of Poems
Mr. Cogito’s Tragic Grandeur
Utopian Turtletop: Lynne McMahon’s Devolution of the Nude
The Degenerate Frontier
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   Dzvinia Orlowsky
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   Scott Ruescher
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   Tom Sleigh
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   Rosanna Warren
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