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Aunt Clara, Laughing Her Heart Out
Translated from the Greek by Stavros Deligiorgis


“We Know Nothing. It Isn’t Taught”: Secret Histories of Argentina’s Dirty War
Periprava, 1958
Translated from the Romanian by Patrick Camiller
Introduction to Interviews with Bei Dao and Rita Dove
On Nonviolence and Literature
Premature Witness
Arthur Koestler in Civil War Spain
…and justice for all
Lunacy ’Toons


The Two Mice (transfused from the Scots of Robert Henryson [1420-1505] by Seamus Heaney)
Translated by Seamus Heaney
Sepharad, 1492
Translated from the Spanish by Homero Aridjis and George McWhirter
Turn About Is Fair
Pure Music
Translated from the Swedish by Brita Stendahl
The Semiotics of a Truck Overturned in Fog
The Trail
William Remembers the Outbreak of Civil War 1983
The Face Also Has Bruised Dignity
Translated from the Chinese by Tony Barnstone,Willis Barnstone and Xi Chuan
Love-Letters for Cell Ten
The Fair That Always Comes
The Flood Towns
Burning Song
Autumn Day
Translated from the German by Millicent Bell
Translated from the German by Millicent Bell
The Headline
What the Body Can Say
Nikos at 42
Returning to My Cottage
Translated from the Classical by Taylor Stoehr
Cottage at Chungnan Mountain
Translated from the Classical by Taylor Stoehr
The Soul
Translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh
The Majesty of Sleep
Translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh
My Eyes are the Shimmering Waters
Translated from the Buryat by Sayan Zhambalov,Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps


An Unforeseen Destiny: Pinochet, History, and Memory
Who Owns Death?
“As the Songwriter Wrote . . .”
From New Grapes to a Complex Wine
The West and Genocide in Africa
A World Reformed

Amnesty International Fortieth Anniversary issue. This big issue (over 400 pages) is chock full of amazing stuff, including poetry by Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska, Pulitzer Prize winners Maxine Kumin and Charles Simic, Daniel Berrigan, and Homero Aridjis; fiction by Tom Bissell and former Iranian political prisoner and torture victim Faraj Sarkohi; previously unpublished interviews with Vladimir Nabokov, Rita Dove, and Bei Dao; translation by Seamus Heaney; and first-person testimony of great acts of heroic compassion in the Balkan War recorded by Dr. Svetlana Broz, granddaughter of Marshal Tito (later reprinted in Utne Reader and in a Dutch magazine).

  EditorAskold Melnyczuk
  Guest Co-EditorJoshua Rubenstein
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   Derek Walcott
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  Music EditorEric Chasalow
  Fiction & Poetry EditorAskold Melnyczuk
  Associate Poetry EditorClaire Jarvis
  Associate Fiction EditorJennifer Joerg Blum
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  Editorial AssistantsBrett Brehm
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   John J. Clayton 
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   Thomas Sayers Ellis
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   Ha Jin
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   Joe Osterhaus
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   George Scialabba
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