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Editor’s Note



The Cork-Lined Room
Arshile Gorky’s Embroidered Apron
A Deeper Music
Ansel Adams
Philip Guston
The Imperfect Teacher
Until We Are Pure Spirit
Visit to a Dead Poet
Science Fiction
Robert Maurer
Influential Anxieties
Being Helped
Fathers and Son
Roman Coins, Scythian Pottery
Cendrar’s Trunk
Influence Among Elders
On Influence
An Honest Believer
Follow the Yellow Brick Road: On Teaching Poetry
“Driving to the Interior”: Elizabeth Bishop, Guide
Ay, Que Vida
A Note on George Oppen
Robert Lowell
On Reprinting Golk
Food and Cooking
Chuck Berry, Yes


A Version of Paolo and Francesca
To Arshile Gorky
To Amelia Earhart
Six Thousand Terracotta Men and Horses
Mary’s Argument
Letter Written on a Paper Mountain
Where Is Your Judas?
Reading History
Shopping Cart’s Ditty
The Debt
Visiting Hours
Leland W. Smith
Weather Report
Dare Me
Hot Water
Screech Owl
African Souvenirs
Black and White Elegy
At the Dump
Thirteen Falls
For George Oppen

Art Feature

A Portfolio of Portraits

Join us for AGNI 26, our “Mentors and Tormentors” issue, in which our contributors reminisce on their formative experiences as writers. AGNI editor Sven Birkerts writes that his “desire to ‘become a writer’” roots from “images and grandiose fantasies.” Patricia Storace explores the interplay between writing and cooking and contends that “[b]oth arts embody a dream of perfected action, ‘the word made flesh.’” Donald Hall tells of an unkind teacher and suggests that “one cannot overestimate the influence of rage.” Mariana Cook recollects her apprenticeship under Ansel Adams and offers us a portfolio of portraits taken between 1982 and 1987. Indulge in nostalgic and meditative poetry and nonfiction of AGNI writers Scott Ruescher, Carol Moldaw, Mark Doty, Peter Balakian, Marie Howe, Alan Shapiro, Christopher Benfey, Baron Wormser, Eve Shelnutt, Liam Rector, Howard Norman, and more.

   EditorsAskold Melnyczuk
  Executive EditorSharon Dunn
  Advisory EditorsSven Birkerts
   Marie Howe
  Art EditorThomas Frick 
  Contributing EditorsRosanna Warren
   Derek Walcott
   Tom Sleigh
   George Scialabba
   Mary Morris
   James Galvin
   Stuart Dischell
   Steven Cramer 
   John J. Clayton
   Thomas Bahr
  ReadersJudith Wolff
   Amy Fusselman
   Jessica Treadway 
   Linda Rogers
   Fred Marchant
   David Rinaldi
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