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Ruth Feldman
Portrait of Ruth Feldman

Ruth Feldman (1911–2003) dedicated her life to translating poetry from the Italian language into English with a focus on Primo Levi’s work, published in America as _Moments of Reprieve _(Faber, 1992). The recipient of numerous awards including the Raymond E. Baldwin Award and the Italo Calvino Award, she also published five books of her own poetry.


AGNI has published the following translations:

The Casting by Fabio Doplicher


AGNI has published the following work:

Colette Was Right
AGNI 35 Print Only
White Night
AGNI 28 Print Only
Visit to a Dead Poet
AGNI 26 Print Only

AGNI has published the following translation:

The Casting
By Fabio Doplicher
Translated from the Italian by Ruth Feldman
AGNI 16 Print Only
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