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Editor's Note

I’ll take Hell in a Handbasket for five hundred, Alex.


Philosophy Seminar: The Carnivore
The Master of Patina
A Bad Harvest
Monrovia Scripture
The Apprentice
Translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris
It’s All Good
Relatives of God
You Look Like Jesus
Translated by Susan Bernofsky
Translated by Susan Bernofsky
Do You Know Meier
Translated by Susan Bernofsky
I Want You to Know That I Know That He Loved You
My Father’s Coat


How To Write About Your Family: A Lesson from Peter Taylor
The Gay Gene
Monkey Mind: A Meditative Path to Perfection
Shadowboxing: A Proposal for Unknotting Credit Markets and Restoring Prosperity
Crucibles: Walser Before & After


Pandemic Sings the Muse
Béla on the Shore, 1955
When It Comes
Elegy for the Spanish Republic
Dog Adrift: Poland, January 2010
My People
Family Talk
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 5
Translated from the German by Paul Franz
We Should Keep Living,
The Number
Upon Reading that a Noisy Cloth Factory Separated the Family Homes of Sandro Botticelli and Amerigo Vespucci
Dog Chained to Radiator in Abandoned Apartment
Satire i.1
Translated from the Latin by David Ferry
The Source of the Styx
Heads of the Hydra
The Mouth of the Anthill Is Learning to Write
The Author, Taken By His Boss to the Baths, Receives an Instructional Brochure
Goldberg Variations
For Britt
Party at Marquis de Sade’s Place
At a Time
An Economics
The Garden

Art Feature


Tethers of mind, tethers of heart: a lyric inventory of the ties that bind, and constrain. Cover and portfolio by Ethan Murrow create the vibration, sustained and amplified in fiction by Ihab Hassan, Mark Slouka, Sigrid Nunez, Tom Whalen, and many others; poetry by Amy Beeder, Tom Sleigh, Patricia Lockwood, and Ed Ochester; and nonfiction by Nin Andrews and Matt Donovan.  Translations of Robert Walser, Giulio Mozzi, Paul Celan, and Horace.

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