Silent Reading: Southern Gnostic and the State of the Union


Under the Reichsbeauty’s Spell

By László Földényi

Translated by Michael Blumenthal

In Memoriam: Solomea Pavlychko

Master of Palindromes: Remembering and Rereading Michael B. Kreps

Preface to Lynette Labinger’s Conversation with Joseph Brodsky


A Conversation with Joseph Brodsky

By Lynette Labinger

Translated by Joseph Brodsky


Midnight Flight Down High Castle Hill

By Yuri Andrukhovych

Translated by Michael M. Naydan

The Mountain

Leaving Earth

Two Traditional Texts

By The Buryat Mongolians

Translated by Sayan Zhambalov & Virlana Tkacz

Stealing from Your Mother

The Word

Morning Walk in the Orchard

Half Empty/Half Full

Watch Your Language

By Jorgé Guillen

Translated by Amy Thomas

from The Daily Mirror: February 8, April 23, August 12, September 10, December 23

The 3rd Avenue El

Late in the Century

The Angels of Reason

By Eugenio Montale

Translated by Millicent Bell

By Eugenio Montale

Translated by Millicent Bell

By Eugenio Montale

Translated by Millicent Bell

By Eugenio Montale

Translated by Millicent Bell

The Knight’s Prayer

Interlude: The Lees



Seige Piece

The Forces

Siberian Signs

Backtalk to Sky


History of Revolutions

from Tiepolo’s Hound: Book Four, Section XIX

Light of the Heavens

By Sayan Zhambalov

Translated by Sayan Zhambalov & Virlana Tkacz


Where I Am Is So Large

Better with Age

Significant Others

The Mind’s Way of Hanging On

Previously unpublished conversation with Joseph Brodsky; first published excerpts from Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott’s Tiepelo’s Hound (illustrated with his own watercolor painting); poetry by Ha Jin, Robert Bly, Robert Pinsky, Heather McHugh, F. D. Reeve, Amy Thomas, John Peck, and Larissa Szporluk; fiction by Julia Thacker and James Whitfield Thomson; nonfiction by Sarah Silbert and George DeMan. Lszl Fldnyi on Triumph of the Will.

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