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Editor’s Note

Double Take


Desire and Other Isms
The Deuce
Is All Good Structure in a Winding Stair?
The White Hat
The Fur Coat
Son of a Star, Son of a Liar
Our First Couple
Gropius Falls


The Years and The Years
In a Woman’s Kingdom


Confession 1
Confession 12
Translated from the Italian by Todd Portnowitz
Poor Words
Translated from the Italian by Todd Portnowitz
The Mystical Body
Prayer for the Child I Keep Losing
New Year
Beginner’s Mind
THERE WERE TIMES for Suffering
Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
The Force and the Sweetness
Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
Tough-guy talk
If I had merely said, She is good, would you have listened?
Red-Tails’ Nest
Second Goshen
At the Carnavalet and the Cognacq-J
Christ in the Garden of Olives
Real Estate
The Ghosts in My Eye at Mizen Head
581 Bed B, Remembering Mark Fisher
Philip Guston
The Moon in the Family Tree
The Test
Translated from the Italian by Paula Bohince
Briar and Rose
The Tethys Sea
Seagull Eating a Crayfish Alive
Translated from the Lithuanian by Rimas Uzgiris
from Vasa Pieces
Oh Well
The Geese Return

Art Feature

D-range (essay)
A-range (essay)

Artist Rosaire Appel’s arresting portfolio, which she calls “an abstract comic,” makes a provocatively apt counterweight to a gathering of work that is enticingly specific and serious. AGNI 82 is detail-rich, with memoir essays by Susan McCallum-Smith and Sheila Kohler; a Woolfian meditation on Woolf by Andrea Barrett; and diversely concrete fictions by Scott Nadelson, Colin Fleming, Malerie Willens, and Ihab Hassan, to name a few. An especially full catalogue of poetry includes four translations, as well as work—some of it comic, yes—by Nin Andrews, Bob Hicok, Kathleen Graber, Joan Wickersham, and many others.



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