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An Accident
Never the Same Way Twice
Just Visiting
The Eagle over the Funeral in the Shearing Shed
How to Blow Up a Beaver Lodge
Diary of a Madwoman
Translated from the German by Maria Fink
Summer of Lucky
Fine Feathers
The Way We Live Now


Out of Hand
The Cracked and the Crazed
Having a Cake and Eating It, Too
Summer of ’83
Byron Was Here


Late Night at The Little Star


Parting at Changgan
Translated from the Chinese by Rachel DeWoskin and Kenneth DeWoskin
Translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers
It’s Important I Remember That Thomas Jefferson Was a Rapist—
It’s Important I Remember That History Is All a Big Misunderstanding—
The Ground and the Sky Go Together
from The Umbrian Sonnets
The Kraken’s Lair
The Dream Called Us
Praise for Lukewarm Tortilla Soup & Dog Hair on the Upholstery
Translated from the Catalan by Sharon Dolin
Ghazal: takhulus
In the Freezer
The Secret
Queens of Nights
I Imagine the Butches’ Stripper Bar
The Lies of Love
The Awful Truth
And He Will Guide My Craft
A Little Learning
Il Ratto di Proserpina
The Absent Father
Ode to Kanye West’s Colonized Mind on the Hundredth Recommendation for My Son to Read Richard Wright’s Native Son, the Only Book I Will Never Give Him
Conservation of Force
The Classical Tradition
A Darker Art

Art Feature

Present Tense
Shedding Light (essay)

Mirrors of experience, refractions of the heart. Imagine assembling a kaleidoscope with a trove of colored gems, then looking into the eyepiece. From the deeply vibrant color fields of artist Laurie Goddard’s cover and portfolio, to—among many riches—moving and finely worked essays by Rilla Askew, Clifford Thompson, and Jodie Vinson; strong-torquing poems by Hope Wabuke, Noah Warren, and Kevin Prufer; and stories by Lavinia Liang, Crystal Wilkinson, and Stephen Dixon, AGNI 90 circles through a vast emotional spectrum and leaves you feeling the world has been mysteriously rearranged.

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