Art Feature

Fearful Symmetries (essay)

A Necessity

Editor’s Note

“Caress the Detail”: Thoughts on Repair


Fingernails, Toenails

Minding the Store


Bonus Miles

Nothing Happened

Be Cool, Eddie

Providence down at The Terrys

The Statue

The Empire of the Singers, or A Desolate Place

The Pillar

Our Last Stand

By Faruk Šehić

Translated by Mirza Purić

Finding Faith


Inclined Plane



Beppino’s Sciamachy


from Sorrowful Sextets

By Per Aage Brandt

Translated by Thom Satterlee

Parable of the Moss Piglet

Carmen 8

By Catullus

Translated by Brooks Haxton

Carmen 3

By Catullus

Translated by Brooks Haxton

Dishing with the Shah of Iran

Sculptures for the Blind

By Krystyna Dabrowska

Translated by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough


By Krystyna Dabrowska

Translated by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough

An Inadequate Solution to a Persistent Problem

from Bach in Autumn

By Jean-Paul de Dadelsen

Translated by Marilyn Hacker

Homme au bain


After Matsubayashi’s Horses of Fukushima


Late Elegy

A Vase on a Shelf

You remember. Remember?

Paxton’s Seamstress Addresses the Poet

With Calliope Music Wheezing from Car Radios

Martini Time

No Nose


Letter from the End of Time


“For you, goddess of war and wisdom”

By Anyte of Tegea

Translated by Brooks Haxton

O Is the Sound of Tragedy

To Paula Alive in the Future


Broken Sonnet for the Universe


“And every sailor is a nomad”

By Khal Torabully

Translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson


Not going gentle. An exuberance of colors by cover and portfolio artist Anne Neely introduces a market square of comedy and contemplation, unexpected narrative pathways, and an insistent push into unfamiliar locales, literal and figurative. The issue features poems by Ira Sadoff, D. Nurkse, Jane Wong, and two dozen others; inventive fiction of every stripe, including work by Valerie Sayers, Bipin Aurora, and John Biguenet; as well as essays and hybrid prose by Xujun Eberlein, Donald Morrill, Bonnie Friedman, and more.

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