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Jean-Paul de Dadelsen
Portrait of Jean-Paul de Dadelsen

Jean-Paul de Dadelsen (1913–1957) was an Alsatian French poet who joined Charles de Gaulle’s Free French Army during World War II, was a correspondent for Albert Camus’s newspaper Combat, and worked for the BBC French Service after the war. Most of his poems were published only after his premature death from a brain tumor. Translations by Marilyn Hacker have appeared in PN Review (UK), Kenyon Review, Granta, AGNIThe Manhattan Review, and elsewhere. Yale University Press will release a volume of these poems at the end of 2019.

AGNI has published the following work:

from Bach in Autumn
by Jean-Paul de Dadelsen
Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
AGNI 88 Print Only
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