Editor’s Note

The Problem of Other Minds


Hikikomori: Salt Constellations

A Eulogy for the Living

Tiles, Clouds, Boys, and Penicillin

In a Foyer (a) and an Attic (b)


A Frame Also Is Like Love

Shadowboxing: No, Really: What Is To Be Done in Ukraine

Bodies in Motion

Crucibles: Is Knausgaard for Real?

Taormina, Traces


Ivan at the Wedding

If Anyone Had Told Me Where We Were Going

Haven’t a Clue

A Note on the Type

The Loss of All Lost Things

from My Struggle, Book Four

By Karl Ove Knausgaard

Translated by Don Bartlett

The Rain That Time/That Thing That Happened

The Middle Child

Meeting God

Breaking Up

Who’s Crazy Now?

Return of the Frenchman

A Simple Composition


There’s Not a Lot of Work for Sideways Man

Ode to a South Window


The Pines of the Villa Pamphili

Frederico’s Querencia


Baptist Town

Winter Move

Next Summer’s Garden


Window Washers

Attic Stairs

Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight in Iberia


from Une Cave, Une Caverne, Un Trou . . . 

The Wind Lends a Voice To a Mountain Laurel Above Pretty Polly’s Grave

Stopping at Texaco a Year After My Brother’s Death

The Heart in the Snow

The Invented Man

It was how a sentence



Automatic Pool Cleaner

Dead Star Warps Its Partner’s Light

The Future Is Your Friend

Bringing Home the Bull

Poems of Summer

Hay Cutting

Love Song of the Barred Owl

Anna Schuleit Haber’s arresting sequence of paintings—from which we take our cover and portfolio—is entitled The Voice Imitator. How apt that is, for AGNI 81, even more than previous issues, is a gathering of uniquely expressive tonalities. From the fictional flights of writers like Stephen Dixon, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Amina Gautier, and Karl Ove Knausgaard; to the essayistic renderings of Chloe Honum, Jennifer S. Cheng, and Adam Szczucinski; and on to poems and translations by Cyrus Cassells, Patricia Hooper, Noah Warren, Martha Silano, and Vivek Narayanan, the octaves of the contemporary are thoroughly sounded.

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