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Hard Water
Translated from the Spanish by Dick Cluster
You’re Pinocchio, I’m Geppetto, and We Dance
As Evident by Her Numinous Flaws
Honey Valley


A Poetry Reading in Diyarbakir
Being With
My Misogyny



In Which My Horns Were Forged, Not Given
Creation Myth for Bald Girls
First Philosophy
Untitled 1975–86
Omaha Divorce
Time Can’t Erase, Together
Poem in Which I Have Doubts and Then Some Faith
Poem in Which I Try to Be Social
An October Almanac
Maria Nepomuceno—Out of the window 3 (2021)
To Hear, at This Window, Bare-Throated Bellbirds
A White Horse Is Not a Horse
Blueberry Picking
I Remember It
Not Writing
Every Poem I Write to You Is an Aubade
The Immortal Marsyas
Biographia Literaria
Paradise Lost
The Danubian Principalities’ Horse
Translated from the Greek by Jennifer R. Kellogg
Afternoon with Afternoon in Naples with a Black Maid by Paul Cezanne, by Katana Smith
The Kiss
The Hush
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
From the Future
Translated from the Lithuanian by Diana Senechal
Notes on Xenophon
Translated from the Lithuanian by Diana Senechal
An Underworld
The Sound of Children Screaming Has Been Removed

Art Feature

Reflections on Painting (Essay)
Under Constant Still

Consequences. AGNI 98 fronts the world as we find it, parsing enigmas and celebrating the drive to engage necessary truths. Essays by Mara Naselli and Peter Balakian take on misogyny and cultural suppression. Poems by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Rochelle Hurt, jason b. crawford, and Sharon Olds probe the surprising energies of duress, while stories by Lucy Sweeney Byrne and Mylene Fernández Pintado (in Dick Cluster’s translation) test commitments to decisions made. Cover artist Eva Lundsager sets the tone, finding motion in landscapes at the edge.

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