Editor’s Note

“What Next?”


The Author as Translator

The Lindbergh Baby and I

Confession 7

Spider Season

In the Ring

Walk with Snowy Things

We Were Here



If the City Falls

The Kiss

A Letter of Complaint to Pushkin

A Lapse of Memory

A Few Days Off

Parable in Ten Lessons

An Angel on Stilts


The Feast

The Study of Butterflies

Before You Know It

An Afternoon with Doña Amelia

A Poem Called Baroque

The Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life

After Reading Jim Harrison’s “After Reading Takahashi”

Here at Summer’s End

Bat (in Winter)

Bat (in Autumn)

Concussion Sequel

Elegy for My Brother in the Wilderness

From the Lost Letters to Matias Perez, Aeronaut

Blücher, Arendt, a Wildland Fire 

Elegy: Letter to My Wife’s Grandfather


Dear Francis Cabot Lowell


At 3 a.m. the Night I Heard You Died

Parthenon Marbles

The world as construed, re-construed, and mis-construed. The fantastical meldings of the real and conjectural in the work of artist Olalekan Jeyifous are a vivid visual emblem for the assembled contents of the issue. Our writers, too, run testse”trying variations of the past and reassessing what had been thought obvious. More than once the reader has to ask, Did that just happen? The issue includes stories by Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Evanthia Bromiley, and Marjorie Sandor; essays by Joel Agee, Megan Harlan, and Brandon Kreitler; and poems by Kaveh Akbar, Rosalie Moffett, Noah Warren, and Kathleen Winter. The search for viable new versions of our sensuale”and consensuale”reality proceeds.

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