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Editor’s Note

Semblance: Something Else Again


The Personal History of Margaret Elizabeth Neilson Newton
Grief Bacon
Breaking and Entering
The Petal Farmers
The Testosterone Wars


On Coincidence, Collapse, and Textual Bridges
A Tribute to Gail Mazur
A Tribute to Gail Mazur
A Tribute to Gail Mazur
A Tribute to Gail Mazur
A Tribute to Gail Mazur: Introduction
Boredom’s Afterlife


That the Bones That Thou Hast Broken May Rejoice
Serpent, Witness, Cinematographer
Landscape in Ink
Porches, Twin Cities
Dear John
After Wang Wei
At the Table
A Tiny Cage,
on waking
Translated from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval
To the Women of My Family (reprinted from the collection Figures in a Landscape)
Où Sont les Neiges d’Antan
To the Charles River
The Summer of the Collies
In the Country, I Found a Knit of Branches in a Cave Shape
What They Believed
You Made Me an Offer I Could Not Refuse
A Theory of Violence
Caged Words in a Couple
Des Peres (Zoological Fantasy)
Longing and Dreading
Song of the Scythe
To a Nashi Pear

Rules—and ruins—of attraction. From Nicola Waldron’s memoir of the summons of first love, to Peter LaSalle’s unsettling fiction of literary erotics, to J. D. Daniels’s story of jealous transgression, Erica Funkhauser’s poems channeling John Berryman’s devastations, and the light of Vermeer refracted by poet Circe Maia. A generous suite of tributes to Gail Mazur, along with new work by the poet. The breadth of literary imaginings is counterpointed, and underscored, by the eerily witty precision of Matt Hope’s drawings of the future as remembered: strange ruins, new rules.  Much, much more.

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