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The Gold Bracelet
Translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Horan
Translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Horan
The Bayou
Toward the Golden City
The Edger Man
Absent Without Leave


The Nature of Poetry
The Woman in the Garden
Prologue: Marlborough Gallery October 1970
Who Do We Think We Are?
Form and the Father: On Mark Rudman’s Poetry
On War Tax Resistance


The Director: Hoover, Edgar J.
by Ai
Justice in Mexico City
For Ellery
From Memory
Thoughts on Formal Logic
Translated from the Russian by Forrest Gander and Sara Dickinson
Memo on the Hereafter
Ladies of the Necropolis
My Quarrel with Queen Anne’s Lace
Haircut on Via di Mezzo
Of People Who Attempt To Relate By Demanding What Psychologists Term “Negative Reinforcement”
By Lamplight
I Remember Toscanini
Emilio Roma Is Dead
The Dream’s Restlessness
Translated from the French by Lisa Sapinkopf
Nocturnal on the Winter Solstice
Suburban Education
On Fleeing His City (after Samuel Hanagid)
Gazing Through the Night (after Samuel Hanagid)
Dead Winter
Finding Words
Boston Fog
Neither Scholar Nor Spy
The Vigneron
Hush Yo Mouf
A Shaved and Uncombed Universe
The Man in the Dark Room
Last Portrait
Translated from the German by Richard Exner and Martha Collins
Pietá Rondanini
Translated from the German by Richard Exner and Martha Collins
Last Days
Translated from the Urdu by Andrew McCord
Colette Was Right
A Piece of the Wall
Molior to his First Wife
Two Angels Torturing a Soul
Isn’t She Not a Bird
Translated from the Russian by Forrest Gander and Mala Kotamraju
Plaza Real, Barcelona
Translated from the Dutch by Esther Jansma and Steve Orlen
Translated from the Dutch by Esther Jansma and Steve Orlen
To My Teacher
Uneasy Rider
Meditations on a Smoothing Iron
On Liberty
Translated from the Hungarian by László Baránszky
The Death of the Village Post Office
Leaving the Middle Years
After Eden
Stuttering to Rainer, In Darkness
Translated from the Hungarian by Gregory S. d’Elia
Xenia II
Translated from the Italian by William Arrowsmith
Daily Dilemma
Provincetown: Invocation
South Southwest
Life Sentence
Double Vision
Gnostic Blessing I
At the End of September
The Book of Persephone
Yusuf Abdulla Jaffer & Co. (Perfumers)
Czechek’s Stamps
from Children: #4
Two Crucifixions
thin white light
I Tried to Write a Poem About This Once a Year for Thirteen Years

Explore new worlds and relive our twentieth anniversary year with AGNI 35, a collection imbued with a powerful sense of places and spaces. Sven Birkerts suggests that the act of reading is “the positing of an elsewhere.” Accordingly, these pages interrogate the relationship between self and place, beginning with discussions of taxation (an epigraph from Thomas Jefferson sets the tone) and then expanding into notions of foreignness, familiarity, and belonging. Together, these poems, stories, and essays examine how language can serve—-or fail to serve—-as a conduit for the self. Curl up with a copy of AGNI 35 and “posit an elsewhere” with the help of great writers including Jessica Treadway, Marjorie Agosín, Lawrence Rosenwald, Joseph Lease, William Arrowsmith, Yves Bonnefoy, Sophie Cabot Black, Jason  Shinder, James Laughlin, William Corbett, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Cyrus Cassells, Yusef  Komunyakaa, Gail Mazur, and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

  EditorAskold Melnyczuk
  Executive EditorSharon Dunn
  Managing EditorJennifer Rose
  Editorial AssistantsMichael Teig
   Joanna Gerson
   Rebecca D'Alise
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   Popahna Brandes
  Advisory BoardDerek Walcott
   Robert Pinsky
   Leslie Epstein
  Contributing EditorsRosanna Warren
   Sue Standing
   Tom Sleigh
   George Scialabba
   Scott Ruescher
   Dzvinia Orlowsky
   Gail Mazur
   Fred Marchant
   Diana Der-Hovanessian
   Marie Howe
   Martín Espada
   Stuart Dischell 
   William Corbett
   John J. Clayton 
   Sven Birkerts
   Thomas Bahr
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