Crowe Bovey’s Burning Cold

The Summer of Writing Movies



The Vagrant Face

The Original Face

The Liquid Face

Old Lovers Drinking Together

The Scarecrow

from A Cloud No Bigger than a Woman’s Hand: III.iv, III.v, IV. Holy Writ

On My Mother’s Birthday

The Burden of the Desert Sea

The Shootist

from Learning Gravity

Fly By Night


The Men in Paris

In Brooklyn

Mouse Chase

For Starts

Taking the Cue

Dog Gone Ode

First Couple


from Archer in the Marrow: The Applewood Cycles: MOTIFS: Archer in the Marrow; Duel on Land’s End; EPILOGUE: Prologue to New Spiral

The Orange

Les Enfants de Paradis


On Jackson’s Acts of Mind and Berg’s In Praise of What Persists

As early as AGNI 20 we see the work of beloved longtime contributors: fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Carolyn Chute, and Richard Jones; poetry by David Wojahn, Diane Wakoski, Peter Viereck, Thomas Lynch, and William Harmon. Harmon also reviews Richard Jackson’s Acts of Mind and Stephen Berg’s In Praise of What Persists.

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