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Tomoyuki Endo
Portrait of Tomoyuki Endo

Tomoyuki Endo collaborated with Forrest Gander on the translation of three poems in Kazuko Shiraishi’s My Floating Mother, City (New Directions, 2009). He also served as supervisor of English subtitles for Gozo Yoshimasu’s movies Thousands of Islandsand The Reality behind What We See, which won more than ten awards at international movie festivals. He is assistant professor at Wako University in Tokyo. (updated 10/2021)

AGNI has published the following translations:

Kozukata (The Road Never to Be Taken)
by Shuri Kido
Translated from the Japanese by Tomoyuki Endo and Forrest Gander
AGNI 94 Print Only
The Inertia of Anxiety
by Shuri Kido
Translated from the Japanese by Forrest Gander and Tomoyuki Endo
Online 2021 Mental Health Nature Loss
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