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Ram’s Horn and Citron, Tinder and Carillon
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Published: Tue Jul 01 2008
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Ram’s Horn and Citron, Tinder and Carillon

You’ll find two rabbits, dressed and hung
above the ram’s horn, above the citron.

The table half-draped in damask
in need of ironing. You’ll find east light

too harsh for still life, yet wait and the rabbit slumps
on the hook, wait and the fly arrives.

You make an adjustment. Remove the rabbits;
arrange a pyre of tinder at the base

of the ram’s horn, behind the citron.
You will not light it, the pyre, you will not

enjoy its opulent rage. Listen instead
to the carillon luring the winter sun to sleep

while the ram’s horn and citron
throw a fool’s cap shadow on the wall.

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