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Burial and Blaze of Pablo Neruda
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Published: Sun Apr 15 1990
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Burial and Blaze of Pablo Neruda

Translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen

When they came looking for him
the sun complicitous and generous
was a pitiless illuminated fringe
uncovering the ungainly visions
of the sickly guards.

They struck the feeble with the fist of the
they wanted at all costs
to find communists,
they only saw a head of fire
a crown of light
solitary offering for the

They only found
dangerous poems
that spoke of the testament of love
and autumns in the islands of the open sea.

Not satisfied they went down
to the labyrinth of the basement
they only found wooden locomotives
an enchantment of games for the
they only found bottles travel companions of seafarers
with dream-filled eyes
and enormous keys of open
like bells along the coast.

When they came to kill the
the overweight
the carpenters
they only found
and a fiery head
dancing above the
green ink.


Marjorie Agosín teaches in the Spanish Department at Wellesley College. Her most recent books of poetry are Women of Smokeand Zones of Pain, both bilingual editions, translated by Naomi Lindstrom and Cola Franzen, respectively. (1992)

Cola Franzen has translated poetry, fiction, and criticism from numerous Spanish and Latin American authors. She has published over fifteen books of translation. (updated 6/2010)

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