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Editor’s Note

“This Just In—”: Notes from the Couch and the Writing Desk


His Happiest Day Ever
The Missing Part
A Portrait of the Composer as a Young and Then Not-So-Young Temp
Like We Did
Shadows of the Cave
Translated from the Persian by Sara Khalili
How Many Times?
A Habitable Pose


The Bungalow
Where the Grass Grows Wild


Comparative Study
My Father Is Still Dead
Freddy Krueger
Spring Indigo
Perfect Match
African Funeral, Anjou
from How to Eat Your Love
Josef Albers
I Consider My Father’s Brain Scan as Jazz Measure
My Father Considers His Brain Scan as Lunar Disaster
Still Life with Zodiac Boat
Still Life with Judas Goats
Four Marys
Rorschach #1
Preamble with Pilgrimage Inside
Sunrise on the Rails
Translated from the Russian by Eugene Serebryany
different room
Blue Goose Hollow
2005: The Alleghenies Laid Bare

Art Feature

Songs I Sing to Myself
Some Mental Furniture (essay)

What we leave behind us, and how we face the new. Art and cover by Paul Katz vividly embody the impulse to recast materials and signs. Stories by Stephen Dixon, Victoria Lancelotta, and Shahriar Mandanipour look at how we preserve and renew, while reflective essays by Emilia Phillips, Laura Gill, and Michael Stein resonate with poems of loss and remembrance by Gail Mazur, Cate Lycurgus, Rick Bursky and many others.

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