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Editor's Note



King, Bishop, Queen
Four by Kline Caro
The Sacrifice
Where I Was When My Older Brother Died
The End of the Line
Emergency Instructions: If an Anaconda Bites Your Hand
from Le Secret: The Secret Agent’s Story
Translated from the French by Armine Kotin Mortimer


women’s business here
A Letter to My Daughter about Palindromes
Little Face
Mother’s Tears
Carson McCullers in 1940
Translated from the German by Padraig Rooney
On the Undiscovered Origins of Everything in Waxahachie, Texas


Among Us
from Watering the Plant of Dreaming
Translated from the Italian by Wallis Wilde-Menozzi
Kid Happens
from Yss of Li
The Museum: Ashtray
The Museum: Woman with Apple
Stumbling on Clair de Lune
To Ruwa Riché
Translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker
To Raed Naqshabandi
Translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker
To Mohammed Samy al-Kayâlli
Translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker
To Aras Bengo
Translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker
Measure for Measure
Blackbirds and Blake’s Illustrations to Dante’s Purgatory, Canto 1
Imagining Marriage, #52
Officer Crowley
Top Hat, 1935
The Angels
Maker of Bowls
The Horses of Achilles
The Road to Santa Clara
The Four Auricles
The Summer Peepers Couldn’t Be the Sources of Their Chorus
The Fall
from Lullabies for the Dead
Little Harmonic Labyrinth
An Apparatus for Receiving or Transmitting
from Orbit

Art Feature

What the Eye Fills In and What the World Takes Away
Buried Treasure (essay)

Electric, eclectic—an art portfolio by Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz frames up intimations of danger for an issue international across all three genres. Marilyn Hacker’s versions of Syria poet Golan Haji go side by side with new poems by Cynthia Zarin, John Kinsella, Dara Elerath, Chad Parmenter, and many others. In fiction, Jamie Quatro imagines lovers not taken, Tamas Dobozy proposes a hair-raising retrospective of a scandalous filmmaker’s career, and Elske Rahill gives us a woman whose urge to protect her daughter goes perilously far. Essays by Kim Adrian, Shahnaz Habib, Michael Sheehan, Radhiyah Ayobami, and others explore the legacies of trauma and the uncanny resourcefulness of the survival instinct.

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