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Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Portrait of Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Annemarie Schwarzenbach (1908–1942) was a Zurich-born writer, reporter, and traveler whose short colorful life obscures the variety of her literary expression. She published short stories and three novels, and reported from Russia, Afghanistan, Persia, Portugal, and the Congo. In 1936–37, and again in 1940–41, she traveled to the United States, chronicling in articles and photographs the aftermath of the Depression and the effects of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Her adventurous life and her lyric gifts as a writer were rediscovered by a new generation of German readers in the 1980s.

AGNI has published the following work:

Carson McCullers in 1940
by Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Translated from the German by Padraig Rooney
AGNI 84 Print Only
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