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The Three Veils of Ibn Oraybi
Report to Ito Sadohara, Head of Tuna, Uokai, Ltd., to the Ministry of Commerce, Regarding Recent Events in the Domestic Fishing Industry
The Cow of the Ocean


Florence of Paterson
Introduction to A Portfolio of British and Irish Poems
Shadowboxing: On the Failures of Victory
Crucibles: Report on a Report


Five poems: Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy
Thumb Trick
Patio Lull with House Guest and View
Fumbling with a Field Guide on the Back Arroyo Trail
Memory, a Snowfall
Second Canto of the Invisible Terraces
The Present Writer
ès el senyor Gaudí!
The Tenor on Horseback
How Long, O Lord, Will You Leave Them?
Translated from the Greek by George Kalogeris
Remembering My Mother’s Childhood

Art Feature

A to Annoy (essay)

Changing ecologies of information, fragmented certainties. Sets up a vigorous call-and-response between fictions of eerie dislocation (Michael Mejia, Rick Moody, and Vincent Czyz) and essays of interrogation and witness—by William Pierce, Lia Purpura, Joel Brouwer, Wendy Rawlings, and others. Poets like Campbell McGrath, Christopher Middleton, Matt Donovan, and Leslie Wheeler are buttressed by a stylistically singular portfolio of British and Irish poetry edited by Kathryn Maris and Maurice Riordan of Poetry London magazine. A portfolio of visual art by Leslie Sutcliffe uses the logic of likeness as a basis for reassembly and restoration.

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