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Michael Franco
Portrait of Michael Franco

Since 1991 Michael Franco has been at work on a narrative landscape titled A Book of Measure. The first volume, The Journals of the Man Who Kept Bees, was completed in 2000._ The second volume, The Book of the Night Sky, is nearing completion. Individual parts from A Book of Measure have been published over the years or are forthcoming, including The Journals of the Man Who Kept Bees (Lift, 1996) and from the Library of Michael Franco’s A Book of Measure: The Marvels of David Leering (Pressed Wafer, Fall 2012). Franco has also published _How to Live as a Single Natural Being the Dogmatic Nature of Experience (Zoland, 1998) and The Library of Dr. Dee (dromenon/Pressed Wafer, 2006). Franco was a contributing editor of LIFT and directed the Word of Mouth readings in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (updated 8/2012)

An essay on Michael Franco’s Word of Mouth reading series appeared in AGNI 41, along with “Speaking Franco: An Interview with Michael Franco” by João de Mancelos.

AGNI has published the following work:

for Michael and Norma SF ’93
AGNI 40 Print Only
from A Book of Measure: Fifth Circumference
AGNI 44 Print Only
from Works and Days: (prayer), lift
AGNI 33 Print Only

AGNI has published the following translation:

Speaking Franco: An Interview with Michael Franco
AGNI 41 Print Only
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