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Human Whistle
At This Moment in a Different Year
Small Talk


On Maps
Unbending Progress
An Iwo Jima Marine’s Excellent Buddhist Funeral
The Beauty of the Camera


Notes on Thorns & Blood
Metrical Charm: For an Abortion


For Sale
Last Testament
Picturebook Brockton
What the Priestess Says
Site Specific
Mammatus are pouch-like cloud structures
Phony Ghazal
a condensed history of my father’s addiction
Your Flight
Ching Shih Discourses on Silk
Tiptoe Ode
Big Bad
Fairy Tale
Letter from Control
A Study in Summer
The Slave’s Descendant Addresses King Cotton
“this universe, my most docile & stunted”
Bug Chaser
“I OEDIPUS ask you . . .”
“I OEDIPUS imagine . . .”
Medusa as Memory
Translated from the German by David Keplinger
Portrait of the Chest as Fogged Mirror and Ballpoint Tattoo
Grief for the Whale, Again
Grief for the Whale
Chinatown Blues
Translated from the Arabic by Khaled Mattawa
To Pet a Dog In London!
Translated from the Arabic by Khaled Mattawa
Translated from the Arabic by Khaled Mattawa

Art Feature

Paradise City

Sorties and Soundings. The opulent colors and imperiled undertones of cover and portfolio artist Salman Toor set the tone for AGNI 97. Stories by Garielle Lutz, Via Bleidner, and Anna Badkhen put the seismograph to relationships and track the needle as it jumps. Essayist Kai Maristed assesses the loss and legacy of her enigmatic father, while Ishion Hutchinson shows how the close reading of a poem can open into a close reading of the complexities of history. Poems by Kwame Dawes, Nicole W. Lee, Danez Smith, and Tyler Mills construct tales, mythographies, and fabulisms, that gesture toward another world: one that can and must be made from ours. All this and much more.

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