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Editor's Note

From the Interregnum


Double-Check for Sleeping Children
High Sun
Situation Cards
Now Pray: Notes on a Separation
Ivo Of
Oral History of the Lansing Motors Second Annual Truck Touch (as transcribed by Lisa Poole, Assistant Manager)


How to Speak to a Police Officer
Gorky at the Movies
A different kind of elsewhere


The Other Girl
A Brief History of Bang
Conversations with Scott
Ever River


Self-Portrait of the Stolen Body
Walking the Fields
(Letter to a Dead Lover)
Translated from the Italian by Lisa Mullenneaux
A Few Men, a Few Ropes, Power Saws
The Desire Path
rain with fantail snipe
Translated from the German by Iain Galbraith
Extinction Event #6
Ode to Adam Rippon’s Butt
A Machine Designed to Hunt Mammoths
Variation on Romance in the Time of Famine
Third Journey
Mere Atmosphere
After the Festival
Lament for the Maker
The Sea Urchin
Translated from the Spanish by Cynthia Steele
Over the Waves
Translated from the Spanish by Cynthia Steele
Our Lady of the WIC Check
Floating Kayak in a Storm
Medusa Takes the Stand
Habits of Adornment
Street at Noon
Translated from the Vietnamese by Nguyen Ba Chung and Martha Collins
The Wreck of the Unnamed

Art Feature

from Evidence of Time Past
A Trace

Traces found and brought to light. Disquieting images by cover and portfolio artist Sandra Brewster catch the mood of our times—a mood echoed throughout the issue in work by our most attuned and expressive writers. Stories by Uzma Aslam Khan and Kirstin Allio lay bare the subjective costs of separation, while Bailey Gaylin Moore and Donald Quist offer a unique and relevant dialogue-essay in “How to Speak to a Police Officer.” Other stories, essays, and hybrid pieces discover new urgencies in the perennial, while the energies of invention shine out from poems by Brittany Cavallaro, Benjamin Garcia, Cyrus Cassells, Shara McCallum, and many others.

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