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Editor’s Note

“What Next?”


If the City Falls
The Kiss
A Letter of Complaint to Pushkin
A Lapse of Memory
A Few Days Off
Parable in Ten Lessons
An Angel on Stilts


The Author as Translator
Confession 7
The Lindbergh Baby and I
Spider Season
In the Ring
Walk with Snowy Things
We Were Here


The Feast
The Study of Butterflies
Before You Know It
An Afternoon with Doña Amelia
A Poem Called Baroque
The Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life
After Reading Jim Harrison’s “After Reading Takahashi”
Here at Summer’s End
Bat (in Autumn)
Bat (in Winter)
Concussion Sequel
Elegy for My Brother in the Wilderness
Blücher, Arendt, a Wildland Fire
From the Lost Letters to Matias Perez, Aeronaut
Elegy: Letter to My Wife’s Grandfather
Dear Francis Cabot Lowell
At 3 a.m. the Night I Heard You Died
Parthenon Marbles

Art Feature

The Failure of Quick Paint (essay)
The Abiku Phenomenon

The world as construed, re-construed, and mis-construed. The fantastical meldings of the real and conjectural in the work of artist Olalekan Jeyifous are a vivid visual emblem for the assembled contents of the issue. Our writers, too, run “tests,” trying variations of the past and reassessing what had been thought obvious. More than once the reader has to ask, Did that just happen?  The issue includes stories by Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Evanthia Bromiley, and Marjorie Sandor; essays by Joel Agee, Megan Harlan, and Brandon Kreitler; and poems by Kaveh Akbar, Rosalie Moffett, Noah Warren, and Kathleen Winter. The search for viable new versions of our “sensual” and “consensual” reality proceeds.

  EditorSven Birkerts
  Founding EditorAskold Melnyczuk
  Senior EditorWilliam Pierce
  Poetry EditorSumita Chakraborty
   Lynne Potts
  Fiction EditorWilliam Giraldi
   Mary O'Donoghue 
  Nonfiction EditorJennifer Alise Drew
  Blog EditorDavid Ebenbach 
  Manuscript ReaderBrian Burt 
  Galley EditorsLindsay Guth
   Beth Romano
  Social MediaSumita Chakraborty
   Rachel Mennies
  MarketingDaniel Pritchard
  Newsletter DirectorAlison Lanier
  Advisory BoardLeslie Epstein
   Robert Pinsky
   Derek Walcott
   Rosanna Warren
  Editorial Assistants Alison Lanier
   Christian Wessels
   Arlyce Menzies
   Amanda Lucidi
   Anna Hundert
   Morgan Lehofer
   Efpraxia Sapuridis
  Contributing EditorsLucie Brock-Broido
   John J. Clayton 
   William Corbett
   Stuart Dischell 
   Sharon Dunn, ed. emerita
   Thomas Sayers Ellis
   Anne Germanacos 
   Marie Howe
   Diana Der-Hovanessian
   Ha Jin
   Alex Johnson
   Dana Levin
   Fred Marchant
   Fiona McCrae
   Gail Mazur
   Dzvinia Orlowsky
   Lia Purpura
   George Scialabba
   Tom Sleigh
   Sue Standing
   Oksana Zabuzhko
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