Editor’s Note


High Compression: Information, Intimacy, and the Entropy of Life

What Will the Soul Do for Solace Then?

Crucibles: Intimations of Randomness

In Her Hands: The Art World Goes to War


Across My Big Brass Bed

Troika for Lovers

from The Anchor’s Long Chain

By Yves Bonnefoy

Translated by Hoyt Rogers



Winter in the Garden

Fire Season

Shadow of Two

The Last Man Who Knew Everything


By Giampiero Neri

Translated by Martha Cooley & Antonio Romani

The Divine Right of Caprice

Adjacent to the way

Striking the Set

Chernobyl Eclogue

Radical compressions and striking explosions. Brian Christian proposes a radical theory of art as information, and Senior Editor Bill Pierce riffs out further connections, while artist Aldwyth (as elucidated by fellow-artist Rosamond Purcell) offers uncannily apt illustration. Lovers’ beds abound—in fiction by Gary Amdahl, Michael Mejia, and Margo Berdeshevsky—and poets, including Adam Day, Garrett Keizer, Eva Hooker, and Deborah Pease, find what’s fresh and disturbing in the nothing new that is under the sun.

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