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AGNI 24 / 25



from Dig


The Music Student


All Friends, No Strangers



Advancing La Crosse

The Eloquence of Light

The Gorge

Staying Under

Roof Raising

Night in the Piazza




No Aubade

Cézanne: The Ruined Chateau

White Shoulders

Suburban Woman: A Detail


A Little Piece of Everlasting Life

I Think Deeply of Ruin

Constellation of the Birds

Put Your Little Shoes Away



Walt Whitman in Ohio

Before Spring

Head of a Young Girl

Fool’s Gold

Sleep Neighbors

A Letter of Introduction

Everybody’s Business


To Mary, Who Is Married Now

Fishing Trip

Two Traveling Women and the Houdini Man

The Housewright’s Mercy

Sisyphus Inverted

Bees, Los Conquistadores




Song of the Spinster

The Split

The Answer is in the Garden

Wanting You To

The Advent of Common Law in Littoral Disputes

Ambassador of Imperfect Mood


Strauss and the Cows of Ireland

Cézanne was not Very Good at Inter-

Last Letter

Approaching Forty Devils

Growing Up Ukrainian

The Ordinary Weather of Summer

Woman Turning and Lifting Train

Man Walking Downstairs Backwards, Turning, Walking Away While Carrying Rock

Woman Turning, Throwing Kiss, and Walking Upstairs


Why Cities Have Farmer’s Markets

A Primer for Those Who Have Dealings with the Gods

His Stature to Pygmalion

On Mallarmé’s Plan

Stone Work

from Work Sonnets: “Just now it was like I had risen to heaven,” “Music builds the perfect shelter,” “How slow the hired body moves”

One Way the Faithful Learn to Dance

AGNI 24/25 is the teeming Fifteenth Anniversary double issue. The work of Lucie Brock-Broido, the feature poet, radiates alongside a sampler of new work by earlier feature poets, such as Melissa Green and Mekeel McBride, and poems by William Logan, Marie Howe, Debora Greger, Wayne Koestenbaum, Eavan Boland, and Linda Pastan. This energy carries over to the fiction in the issue as well.  Stories by David Bosworth, Arturo Vivante, Joyce Carol Oates, Marjorie Sandor, and others take us to the center of grief, panic, and compassion.

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