The Spirit of Thoreau in the Age of Trident



The Fish

Time Capsule


The Orphan

Senya the Dream-Maker

By Irina Ratushinskaya

Translated by Diane Nemec Ignashev

Cowboys and Iranians

Indian Country

Up from the Dirt


Interview with Ernesto Cardenal

By Mary Morris and Richard Falk

Translated by Ernesto Cardenal & Jonathan Cohen


The Emigré

By Ai

Founding of the Latin American Association for Human Rights

By Ernesto Cardenal

Translated by Jonathan Cohen

At the Tomb of the Guerilla

By Ernesto Cardenal

Translated by Jonathan Cohen

The Parrots

By Ernesto Cardenal

Translated by Jonathan Cohen

Vision from the Blue Plane-Window

By Ernesto Cardenal

Translated by Jonathan Cohen

New Ecology

By Ernesto Cardenal

Translated by Jonathan Cohen

Martin Luther King Day


The End of Summer

Dear Sir:

Reverse Angle

Nocturne Revolutionnaire


Hellas: Coup d’état

The River

Waldek’s Wedding

Gdansk/4 AM

Why Cities Have Farmer’s Markets


The Excursion of the Speech and Hearing Class

Answering Your Last Letter

Burning Issues. AGNI 23 muses on problems too pressing to ignore. Margaret Atwood confronts the threat of tyranny in “Shopping,” and William Stafford explores war and its omnipresence in daily life in “Children Still Play,” while Lawrence Millman merges these in “A Child’s Guide to Latin American Politics.” Other bold writers, including Russell Banks, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Morris, Denise Levertov, Ernesto Cardenal, David Wagoner, Rachel Hadas, Irina Ratushinskaya, and Richard Falk, highlight other scourges in an attempt at concrete opposition. Each of their stories, poems, and essays asserts the ability of the written word to bring global change.

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