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A Small Metamorphosis or The Power of Seeing
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Published: Sun Oct 15 2017
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A Small Metamorphosis or The Power of Seeing

I am a pat of pearl-colored flamingos
             I am a towel fading by the bathroom sink
I am a set of new bed sheets      not yet washed
             I am the broken swing set near collapsed
I am crabapple buds swollen on a February tree
             I am a knob of roots waiting     for someone to pull
I am a stamp collection in a case
             I am lost     letters unsent & yellowed
I am snakeskin     dried     under a microscope
             I am bundled sage meant to burn for cleansing
I am the doll painted as candy skull
             I am two lanterns     one broken     & the night watch long—

Two lanterns against the long night
             I am the doll my mother caressed as she lay dying
I am bundled sage     a gift     a prayer
             I am dried snakeskin     remnants of the past
I am lost but found     grace in every bruised crevice
             I am a collection of horses in the field
I am a knob on a door to a celestine attic
             I am apple blossoms against the bluest sky
I am broken     wounds filling with gold
             I am a bed sheet’s pleated shine nightjars of desire
I am a towel     wet with dewdrop
             I am pearl & flamingo     the sweetest light

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