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Editor's Note

Losing, Finding, Improvising


100% Cotton
Translated from the Croatian by Ellen Elias-Bursać
If I Survive You
What the Canal Took
The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
The Silents
Nothing but Shadows
Translated from the Spanish by Maureen Shaughnessy
Dear Mama
Translated from the Spanish by Maureen Shaughnessy


Call Yourself Alive
Thanatophilia: A Travelogue
Cigarettes Coffee Alcohol
The Guava Tree


WhatsApp Message Analysis and Response
The Vow
Nat’l Watch & Diamond Exch.
More Than Watchmen at Daybreak
Spring Comes to the City of Lisbon
What an eye can see
Lines along the Shore
Hare at Dusk
The Closing
Two Ways
The Path of Names
Gliss Aria
Like a Sonnet
Hyacinth Aria
Mile Markers
Breakup Scenery
Landscape with Snow and Huddled Trees
Fish Like These
Forced Confession
Death in My Mouth

Art Feature

Life as a Canvas (essay)

Volatile urgencies. Ethiopian cover artist Wosene Worke Kosrof brings an ancient alphabet into our jostling, electric present, infusing AGNI 89 with a directed energy. Jo Ann Beard’s lead-off essay simultaneously inspects and enacts the writing process as she thinks back on the stories her father told about war and loss. Poet Sharon Olds grapples with a mother’s legacy, and sings an aria to the unchanging glide at her own body’s core. Jonathan Escoffery writes about a cash-strapped high school teacher who humiliates himself for pay. And Sam Kahn watches the iPhone replace the cigarette. Eamon Grennan, Grace Singh Smith, Hebe Uhart, Cyrus Cassells, Shauna Barbosa, and many more.

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