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The Wrong Virginia
History Lessons
from Wedding Pictures: Chapter One
Staying Clear
Boy Looking into Infinity


Joseph Brodsky
Sticks and Stones
To Tease a Shadow: In Memoriam, JB
Essay on Eavesdropping
On Conversation with Joseph Brodsky
Open Secrets: An Insider’s Introduction to Allende’s Chile


The Call
My Great-Grandfather Prefigured the Sixties
Nuruddin Farah
Cookie Monster
The Verdict
The Prisoners, the Cave
Tomorrow Without Me
Translated from the French by James Laughlin
Drafts of “Did Not Come Back”
A Poetics of Birth
Three Parables
Concrete Mixer
In the Days of
People Who Talk to Themselves
Leaving Phoenix
The Competition
The Mini-Mart
Beau Ideal
Idyll of the Seronegative
The Arroyo
The Loomfixer
Mademoiselle Dieudonné
Felix Feneon
Five poems: Questions, Questions, Questions, Questions, Questions,
A Summer Party
Ice Storm/Cambridge/1972
The Odyssey
Far Be It from Me
Cairo Traffic
Drafts of “Marriage”
The Coma


A Conversation with Daniel Berrigan
Translated by Daniel Berrigan


Jim Crace’s Signals of Distress
Dissonant Raptures
Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s The Fatigue Artist
Sue Standing’s Gravida
Son et Lumière
A Jack Keroac ROMnibus CD-ROM
Tom Sleigh’s The Chain
David Treuer’s Little
William Corbett’s New & Selected Poems
Sam Hamill’s Destination Zero
Lucie Brock-Broido’s The Master Letters
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