Introduction to a portfolio of younger British poets


Fantasy for a Friday Afternoon

Peace and Passivity

Earth Tides

A Postcard form Texas


A Policeman’s Lot

from Strugnell’s Sonnets

Mr. Strugnell

The Lavatory Attendant

On Finding an Old Photograph

The Wild Ones

Lullaby for a Summer Recess

In a Notebook

A Vacant Possession

On Not Being Milton

The Call of Nature

Aqua Mortis

Long Distance


Furth i. Wald

Incident from Antiquity

Gruppenbild ohne Dame

To a Classics Professor


Myopia in Rupert Brooke Country

Letter to an Exile

Bathing at Glymenopoulo

West 23rd

Beware the Vibes of Marx

In the Kalahari Desert

The Grocer

Sexual Couplets

Sea Dreams

Before Battle

Sentimental Education

Some Propositions and Part of a Narrative

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