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AGNI 10 and 11



Delhi Escape
La Place de L’Etoile
Translated from the French by Pepe Karmel
Idaho As It Seemed


Love’s Progress


from Dear Alice: Alice’s Wants; Alice’s Ashes
In Argentina
Cold Comfort
The Two Isidores
Adam Signing
Fool’s Errand
Recreo #108
Ghazal 37
Translated from the Persian by Elizabeth Gray
Ghazal 10
Translated from the Persian by Elizabeth Gray
Ghazal 36
Translated from the Persian by Elizabeth Gray
from Occidental Domestication Comedies: The Lilies of the Field Know Which Side Their Bread Is Buttered On, The Chariot, The Elementary Inventions of the Species, Low Comic Requiem Mass for Loners and Exiles
On the Attraction of Heavenly Bodies
Reminiscence of Carrousels and Civil War
Christopher Smart
A Chinese Vase
Poets, Children, Soldiers
With Isaac Babel in Odessa
Transfigured Night, Come Down to Me, Slowly
The Sweatshop Poem
Two Sound-Poems
Dr. O and the New U
The Inheritor Looking Back
The Predicament of Being German
The Woodworker
In Preparation for the Child’s Birth
The Historian as Intruder
The Scavengers
History as Procession
Torcello: Last Judgment
Sunday Morning
Light, Desire and the Law
Answers: To Myself in Another Year
A Winter of Love Letters and a Morning Prayer
Althouse Ridge
Knowing What the House Is Made of
Night Driving
The Lackawanna at Dusk
The Magician
Backyard, Under the Wasatch Ridge, the Crackle of Dusk Downflaming
To My God in Sickness: Spring Diabetes
Juniper, Wyoming
The Lifeline
What the Grandfathers Told Me
Festival Profile
A Virtue of Shape
AGNI 10 and 11


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Sharon Dunn


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