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Vladimir Kozlov
Portrait of Vladimir Kozlov

Vladimir Koslov was born in 1972 in Mogilev, an industrial city in the eastern part of what was then the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. He is a graduate of the Minsk State Linguistic University and the Indiana University School of Journalism. Koslov has worked as a reporter, newspaper editor, translator, screenwriter, and documentary film-maker. A resident of Moscow since 2000, he is the author of the story collection Gopniki (Hoodlums, 2002) and the novels Shkola (School, 2003), Varsha (Warsaw, 2004), Platskart (Second Class, 2006), and Pops (2007)

AGNI has published the following work:

Drill and Song Day
by Vladimir Kozlov
Translated from the Russian by Andrea Gregovich and Mikhail Iossel
AGNI 67 Print Only
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